4 Months Old and Some Changes to the Blog

Lillian is now four, count them, FOUR months old! She weighed in yesterday at her 4 month check-up and was 14 lbs 9 oz and 25.5″. She is a tall, chunky, sweet little charmer. Gabby loves to read to her and hold her and “helps Mommy give Lilly a bath” by singing songs to keep her happy.

Soon Lilly will be starting solids, so I set her up in Gabby’s chair to see how she liked it. I think she felt pretty big and cool sitting in her sister’s chair.

So, back to news about the blog.. I am trying to figure out what to do with this as I rarely post or advertise the fact that I have posted. My posts have mostly just been a way to keep family updated, but now that the girls are actually doing things, I have a little more to say. I’ll be updating a lot more often, so check in frequently!

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