Sleep regression, milestones, teething, oh my!

19 weeks old. She is 19 weeks old and my amazing sleeper cannot sleep nomatter how much she wants to. I have tried nursing her, white noise, rocking, pacing, putting her down awake and letting her fall asleep on her own, and now I am onto pacing with her in the front carrier.

My only concern is we are veering from the regular routine – because it’s not working anymore – and I’m afraid this will be one the new routine. I know from Gabby that good infant sleep habits are hard to come by and we’ve probably just been lucky to have had four and a half months of her choosing to go to sleep before 7 pm. 
The problem with an easy baby is that when they act like a normal baby, it really feels like suffering. Could be worse, could be worse, could be worse…
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