Seven days of fever and going strong

Does this look like a sick kid to you? When I called the doctor on Monday, they said “fever is a symptom, it doesn’t necessarily mean the child has an infection.” The doctor diagnosed her with a cold and sent us on our way. 
Tuesday, she got sent home from daycare with a 103.2 temperature and they asked me not to bring her back until she has been fever-free for 24 hours (shame on me for sending her with a cold/fever that she caught from some other kid in her class).
Wednesday I stayed home again. Thursday, my husband stayed home and claimed she had a normal temperature. I took it after work because she felt hot to me, it was 102. Friday I stayed with her again. 
Today she reached 102.9 and was running around, playing, eating, acting fine. I know there is nothing wrong with this child. Could she be teething? Could this be a normal cold symptom? I have NO idea! All I know is that neither my husband nor I can afford to miss another day of work. Unfortunately, the daycare won’t take her if her temperature is over 100. My boss is not a fan of telecommuting and I am really at a loss for what to do. 
She’s not sick! Ugh…
Update: It’s a urinary tract infection due to an anatomical abnormality. We will find out more when the doctor gets her urine culture results back. Her renal ultrasound is scheduled for 7/8 at 5:30. Pray for a normal scan!

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