Sigh… how did we go from this little mush…

to this sweet little toddling baby…

to this hilarious, bossy little chatterbox in only two years?

Every day I am amazed at her vocabulary, empathy for others emotions, love for her sister, her ability to learn new things and her voracious appetite for information. Gabby just wants to know ALL. THE. THINGS.

Here is a list of 5 things I want to remember about Gabby when the memories of these days is a blur:

  1. She wants to do everything Lillian does. If Lilly rolls over, Gabby follows suit and says, “I roll over, too!” If Lilly has rice cereal for breakfast, Gabby wants oatmeal. You’d imagine it would be Lilly wanting to copy big sis, but so far, Gabby just wants to be like baby sister.
  2. She loves the number two. When I ask how many books she wants me to read for bedtime, or if I ask her how many monkeys are jumping on the bed, it’s always “Two, Mommy.”
  3. She wants to say goodnight to Lillian 3 times every night before she will go into her crib. “More see Lilly. More ‘gain, Mommy.”
  4. In order to convince Rick and I to follow her into the playroom, she comes into the living room, grabs us and says, “Mommy, Daddy, come! It’s fun!” It’s usually not very fun, but she is really cute, so we go.
  5. She got underwear for her birthday this morning and I never want to forget the image of her sitting on the floor, putting her underwear on over her pajamas, pulling it up to her knees and then carefully walking all over the first floor of the house trying to find daddy so she could show him her new panties.
Happy birthday, Gabby! I love you!

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