Lillian: The sunshine

Lillian Rose. 

She is exactly the child I needed and didn’t know I was missing. So sweet, happy, easy, SMILY. She is intoxicating. When I have a hard day at work, I go to the daycare to get a few smiles and some baby drool. My Lilly fix. 
For Gabby, Lillian is a new baby doll. She dresses her, feeds her, brings her toys and binkies and kisses and hugs her incessantly. Lilly drinks it in. She is exactly the sister Gabby needed. 
For Rick, Lillian is fun, sweet, mellow… NOT a drama queen. Just the peaceful, even-keeled daughter he will laugh about Gabby and me to.

Our surprise baby turned out to be just what our family was missing. Lillian, you are our sunshine!
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