Working Mom Blog Series – Episode 2: How I See My Kids Enough

I’ve been criticized for sending my girls to bed too early. “You never see them!” To dispel the condemnation and guilt, I thought I’d touch on this because I feel like it can be helpful to other working moms. 

Lillian starts fussing to go to bed before I even get her home. For a while, I thought she was colic (even though I am skeptical of the colic diagnosis 90% of the time). Babies cry, so I powered through her early months thinking about why she was so miserable in the evenings. I went out on a limb. Maybe she’s tired! So I started putting her to bed between 6 and 6:30pm. 
Fussiness cured. Mommy guilt exponentially increased. She is awake around 5:30 or 6am and I drop her off around 8 am. Therefore, I am currently seeing her around 2 hours in the morning and maybe 1 hour before bed. I miss my baby but I am totally seeing her enough. Here’s how:
1. I stop by daycare at lunch. I mostly stop by to drop off milk, but if she’s awake I will stay to play. She usually will sleep during this time and I can go run errands or go home, but sometimes she stays awake and I am grateful for that extra hour of Mommy-Lilly time. 
2. I take her up to bed ASAP. Even though she usually intends to fall asleep close to 7pm, I bring her up closer to 6 so we can cuddle and play a bit without Daddy and Gabby. I want that little bit of together time and it is important to both of us. 
3. She still nurses through the night plenty. We nurse on average 3 times over 12 hours in the night. I feel like this is an acceptable amount (compared to Gabby) and she typically wakes for the first time past 2am which is pretty great.  I cherish these night feedings and am not wishing them away for one second. 
So that’s how I feel like I see Lilly enough. Gabby stays up later and is more interactive so I definitely get my fill of her by her bedtime. 
How do you maximize your time with your kids?

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