Working Mom Blog Series – Episode 4: Self-care and Bonding time with Husband

I have to admit that lately, these moments are few and far between, although extremely important. This is probably our biggest area in need of improvement, but I think in time we will do better. It’s hard to focus on our relationship and ourselves when we have two needy little girls. So what do we do?

I definitely take a bath and read for a while after the girls go to bed. Ricky goes for a walk when the girls have been quiet for a bit. It stinks to separate like this, but someone has to be in the house with them…

On spending time together, I guess we sometimes will watch a movie or show after he gets home for his walk. I would entertain going for a dinner or movie more often if we weren’t both trying to lose weight and had a regular babysitter. This is one of the things we are working on.

Day-to-day, we really just try to work as a team to take care of the house and our family so that nobody is feeling overwhelmed. We take turns. He cooks dinner while I keep the girls busy. I take a day off a month to do a deep clean on the house. We are definitely still in survival mode, but we are way beyond surviving. We are loving it. We have the best family ever. 

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