Subliminal messages from the white noise machine

Disclosure: I might regret posting this because all 4 people who read my blog will inevitably think I’m insane. I’ll have you know the hubs hears things, too, when the machine is on. 

Meet the girls’ white noise machine. We like it because it doesn’t shut off, although this is our second one. The projector likes to stop working after a while. We really need a new one. This one has been talking to me. 
They like the “white” noise setting. I have never heard anything funny in the rain or heartbeat modes, but Gabby refuses to sleep unless I choose white noise. But after some time, usually when rocking Lillian to sleep (read: playing candy crush and minding my own business), I start to pick up a pattern in the loop and it sounds like a voice saying words. Here are some things the creepy white noise machine has said to me recently:

“You’re Kris Kringle.”

“I’m filthy.”
“Don’t worry.”
“Do the Macarena.”
“How about you?”
“Scouts are afraid.”
“Now it’s time for braiding.”
I don’t know what it’s trying to tell me with these messages but I really don’t need to question my sanity every night. 
Also, the projector stopped working. Any recommendations for a non-psychosis-inducing machine?
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24 thoughts on “Subliminal messages from the white noise machine

  1. John says:

    I also hear messages being played from this machine, it seems to change, sometimes I can understand it and sometimes it’s hard to hear what is being said. Could your mind just be playing tricks on you or did they actually put some weird stuff in there. I’m thinking about throwing this thing out.

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  2. msjoyful says:

    stumbled across this post because yep- I hear it too! it’s on the white noise setting as I speak and I swear I’m hearing 3 notes being played over and over again and a voice along with it saying something like “leave the plane.” wth??? so scary and I am not *that* sleep deprived at the moment.

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  3. Katie Morgan says:

    This is creeping me out. I need some kind of background noise to dampen down the sounds of the neighbours. I already sleep with ear plugs but I can still pick up noises. I’m afraid to use the app I have now!! Are there any studies on this?


    • newestmcdermott says:

      I haven’t seen any studies, but this is definitely my most viewed post, so it seems common. I have never experienced this with my white noise apps, only this specific white noise machine. I think it has to do with the length of the sample. Also, I will mention my kids don’t notice anything, only my husband and I do, so maybe you will only notice it if you are paying attention.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Both my husband and I hear noises or voices in ours too! Kinda creepy. I’m glad I’m just not heRing things! Has anybody found any information on this?


  5. Diane Gargaro says:

    I listened to the “Brook” sound for the first time last night and it was alright at first but then I started hearing a man chanting “Talk about the Queen of the Forest” and something else.


  6. Carolle says:

    I have a sounds for my grandson and I defiantly heard a mans voice during the white noise recording, It creeped me out I aven heard a name George something, also heard I want to play. I have sent the company a message today I am taking the machine in to have it checked….I want to know exactly whats it saying and what kind of message is it putting in my grandsons head. I am very pissed and worried…


  7. christopher says:

    Me too. I’m listenng to homedics model ss-2000a right now. On summer night setting after a while I can now hear “run with me”. Earlier I woke up from sleep after I heard it saying something I cannot repeat. Always three word a song like voice with guitar like strumming in the background.


  8. LJH (@caseystanta) says:

    So grateful I found y’all! I have owned Homedics SS-2020 for at least a couple of years. Bought it to drown out the upstairs neighbors and “fight” the noise of another who beeps her car door open early every day. I did NOT buy it to give myself subliminal messages or entertainment or anything else. But in the past few months I’ve been hearing an annoying tune in “Ocean” and just last night I distinctly heard “Brook” tell me “Don’t quit that job! Just go with it” (or “the flow,” not sure which). Very disturbing, plus I can’t hear it at all when I sit up, only when lying down.

    So glad to know it’s not someone gas-lighting me!


  9. aaron79att says:

    I have owned several different noise machines over the years, all of which have subliminal sounds, tunes, or voices in the background. I run it non-stop, and in fact, I’m listening to the same beepy tune repeat over and over on the white noise setting as I write this.

    On the rain setting, men briefly chat about something, but i can never make it out. It’s always the same thing, so I know it’s not picking up radio signals. In any event, I’m convinced these are deliberate subliminal sounds. What I don’t know is to what end.

    I’m currently using an off-brand model from Amazon, but I’ve had Homedics and others. This isn’t some “trick of the brain,” either. There’s something very disconcerting going on here.


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