Dance Moms: Toddler Edition

These dance moms are no joke. I already told the tale of the mom who worried that her two year old was somehow behind because she wouldn’t jump with two feet (because she just wanted to do the next thing).

This past weekend, there were multiple moms and dads scolding their kids for running around and not listening. The kids who were really defiant were reminded by the teacher what they were supposed to do. I just don’t get these parents that are embarrassed by a toddler!

One incident that really shocked me was when one of the moms scolded her child, “Come on, C! You’ve been doing this for MONTHS!” This class is only 6 weeks long and once a week. That made me realize that these mothers enroll their daughters the day they turn two and send them to the same class for a full year until they can get into the Pre-Ballet 1 class. OF COURSE she doesn’t want to do it… the kid is bored!

I kind of expect Gabby to not do the right thing and am impressed when she semi-behaves. This must be why my parents never enrolled me in dance. It’s a land of crazy. I don’t belong here. 

Serenity now!
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