6 things my kids are doing right now that I am terrified I am going to forget about

Kids grow up so fast. I look at videos from when Gabby was an infant and I’m just blown away that she was once (recently) so small. Their faces change, they go through chunky and skinny phases, they say the darndest things… so, I felt a need to try and capture this moment. This moment right now, when I have a 16-month old and an almost-3 year old. This post is more about our whole family and the way the girls interact than about either individual kid, although there is some of that, so brace yourself for the 6 things I don’t want to forget that the girls are doing right now.

1. The Lilly Call

See the video below for exhibit A. This is the noise we make when we want to make Lilly make the noise. I have no idea how this came about, but I do know that while I was in Orlando and we FaceTimed while I was sitting at an expensive hotel restaurant, I did the Lilly Call and my phone emitted the sound of both of my children AND my husband giving me the Lilly Call right back. I was in tears with how hilarious and embarrassing it was. And sweet.

2. Bedtime At The Same Time

I honestly don’t know how much longer I’m going to get away with this because Gabby mentioned something to me yesterday about how “the sky is supposed to be dark” when it’s bedtime. Of course, I reminded her that most of the time when she goes to bed it is not, in fact, dark out, so I know I am just teetering on the edge of this fun little routine. One bedtime is amazing because we can even drag out the stories and songs a little bit and I am still downstairs by 8:00. Gabby even has a sweet routine now where she runs up the stairs to beat Lilly so she can get her her favorite green “mimi” (pacifier). It’s the best!

3. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Before Lillian was born, I had imagined that Gabby would want to be a role model for her sister and show her how a big girl does things. This is the opposite of reality, apparently. If Lilly looks at me with a serious face and grabs two fistfuls of her own hair and slowly pulls it, Gabby’s gonna do it. If Lilly dumps a cup of water out of the tub, Gabby’s gonna do it. Anything Lilly tries to do that Gabby knows is a definite NO, Gabby will look me in the eyes and also do it. It is maddening and also a little bit hilarious.

4. The Adorable Mispronunciations

Thomas = Hummus. Whiny-corn = Unicorn. Tasty = Stacey. Cosh-fop = Wash cloth. Bain-bain = Band-Aid. TD = TV. I could keep going.

5. Sleepovers

Gabby is obsessed right now with sleepovers. It involves setting up a pillow and blanket for every member of our family on the floor. I don’t know where she got the idea as she’s never been to a sleepover, but it’s a fun game. My favorite part is that Lillian never complies. Gabby tries and tries to get her to lay in her place but she lays down everywhere else.

6. Lillian signing “Brush Teeth”

Exhibit A.

She scratches her tongue. Gabby does it too. We die.

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