Goodbye Toddler, hello Preschooler!

Well folks, it’s time for Gabby’s transition from Toddler World to Preschool. The pros: she’s been bored for months, she misses her BFF Danny, she’s still clutch-holding a pen and nobody cares. The cons: Change + Gabby = Emotions^17. 

That said, here’s how it’s going…

Day 0: The night before transition month… She just kept stalling bedtime! Mommy lay in my bed. Why? I just need you. Okay, baby. Mommy, I am just sad because so many things are changing! Oh honey, life is all about changes. Cue more tears on both our parts, my eventual need to leave, and Gabby whining herself to sleep. 

Day 1: She visited for one hour. She got to be a weather watcher and participate in music club. When she entered the room, Danny shouted, “My best friend Gabby is here!!!” She had the best day. 

Day 2: her teachers had to drop her off and leave her to attend a meeting. They returned after the meeting and she asked to stay. They asked if she wanted to eat lunch there and she aid no and returned to toddler 1.

Day 3: I receive a report that she ate lunch and participated in every activity in preschool and had to be forcibly returned to toddlers for nap time. 

This progress is so anti-Gabby. At this rate she’ll be fully spending her days over there by Monday. God-willing. My girl needs a change. 

Only 5 weeks til Lillian goes to Toddler 1…

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