Our Diaper Journey

I received free Pampers Cruisers to test for this post from Influenster, but all opinions are my own.

When I was pregnant with Gabby, I did a lot of research about cloth diapers, because I didn’t have a plan to go back to work immediately I figured it would be a good way to save money. I did receive a ton of disposable diapers at my baby shower that I totallly appreciated and used, but once we blew through those and whenever we were home, we used cloth.

We started out with Gdiapers, a brand that was moderately priced and is actually a hybrid diaper. This means you can either use cloth inserts or disposable/biodegrable inserts. I liked the Gdiapers for a time, but I realized there were more economical options. Gdiapers come in sizes XS-XL, but you have to keep buying new pants as the baby grows. Once Gabby grew out of the mediums, I was on a hunt for a better solution.

A friend gave me a variety of pocket diapers. The brands were Alva and Sunbaby mostly, but they were all “one size” diapers, so I knew they would last a long time. I found the pocket diapers to be easy to use and easy to wash. I stocked up, mostly buying used lots on ebay.

Then I found out I was pregnant again. Gabby was 10 months old. Potty training was nowhere in sight and I knew I was going to have two in diapers for a good, long time. I found some good-priced all-in-one diapers on Nickisdiapers.com and Diaperjunction.com and braced myself for the onslaught of laundry.


With two in diapers, it didn’t necessarily get harder. It was just the constant laundry that was getting me down. By the time Lillian was born, no cloth diaper could contain Gabby’s pee and we switched her to disposables. By the time Lillian was one, the daycare started having stricter rules about cloth diapering and that was my out. So after 2 1/2 years of cloth diapers, we were on the hunt for disposable diapers that would be good for growing toddlers, day and night.

That’s where Pampers Cruisers come in. We started using Crusiers when Gabby was a toddler at daycare. They’ve always been our go-to diaper for mobile babies. But the new Pampers Cruisers are even better. Lillian has gone from #SagToSwag. The new Cruisers are more absorbant and have channels for the moisture to go, so we do not wake up to a baby buttcrack anymore. I was thinking about switching her to pull-ups before we got the Crusiers, because it would take her two seconds to just undo the velcro on her saggy diaper and just leave her diaper on the floor. No more. I can actually have a few sips of coffee before I start diaper duty in the morning. What a relief!


So, that’s been our journey. Where have you traveled to in diaper land? What are your favorite brands of cloth or disposables? I could talk about this all day!

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