The American Girl catalog arrived and I handed my 3-year old a marker and said…

“Circle anything you want!” I routinely do this with catalogs that come. Pottery Barn Kids, Hanna Anderssen, Mini Boden… I hand it over and let her go to town. I thought twice about doing it with AG, but for some reason, Gabby seems to be satisfied with fantasizing about having all of the things without the promise of ever getting it. Maybe because she’s three. 

Once she was done and went to bed, I went through and the results were SUPER interesting. Originally, I wanted to total up all of the crazy stuff she’d want and post about how AG is financial poison, but Gabby’s picks were not only frugal, but really intentional. 

For instance:

She completely skipped the “design an AG doll that looks like your clone” section and went right for the pet accessories. This was her first pick:

A dog bed and dog leash. Merely $38. No big whoop!

She also wanted all of the clothes. Luckily, she is still to small for the size requirement. 

But, really, who circles clothes in a toy catalog?!? I kind of envy this kid!

Next up, a very specific doll and all of her outfits:

Even $500+ later, I’m not mad. That’s the first “baby” she wanted and clearly, my child is a fashionista, so of course she wanted some wardrobe options. I totally get it. 

And finally, another girl, but only one outfit. No bed, no food, no pets, nothing crazy!

Either letting her go through catalogs satisfies her needs to express what she would really like to have, or I just have an awesome kid. I’m not going to stop this practice of window-shopping. It’s fun for both of us!

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