What Gabby wants for Christmas – Part 2 (The Land of Nod edition)

Gabby wants everything she sees on tv, so in order to evaluate what she really wants for Christmas, I thought I’d give her another catalog. This time it was The Land of Nod (another crazy expensive venture). 

Let’s take a look at some of her choices…

She circled a TON of tents, thanks to her dad’s recent introduction of indoor camping. Also, there’s no way she’s passing up a doll bed. 

She picked this rocket ship tent for her BFF, Danny. 

This fabric dollhouse is beautiful and she would totally love it. I’m considering it as a splurge gift. 

Surprisingly, she wants this tool belt and workbench, so she can “be a builder.” I was thinking maybe a Lego junior set might fulfill that wish. 

The boat is for Gabby’s house and the car is for Danny’s house. So they can play together and share them. I’m dying from her sweet, giving heart. 


The astronaut one is for Gabby, the bear for  Lillian. Again with the camping obsession. 

Apparently she also needs a camper for her babies. I guess you can’t go camping without all of our kids. 

This was my favorite. Gabby picked some ornaments for her, Lillian, and Danny but then she also picked a menorah and dreidels. I guess the more holidays, the better!

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