5 Essential Oils You Need for Your Family

I’ve been using essential oils to keep my family healthy for about a year now. I recently went to a class at a friend’s house and my passion for essential oils was reinvigorated. I thought I would share some of my favorite oils and their uses with you guys in case you were interested in what they can do for your family.

From the YoungLiving website: “Helichrysum essential oil has a clarifying, stimulating, and grounding fragrance that makes it ideal to diffuse when studying or doing homework. Helichrysum can be applied topically to improve the appearance of tender skin.”

I love to diffuse this oil when working on a difficult task or powering through a challenging blog post. It makes me feel focused and helps me to complete tasks.

Everyone knows that lavender is soothing and calming. I use this in my kids’ laundry, I diffuse it before bedtime when they are especially cranky, I put a couple of drops in my bathwater when I am stressed, and I also place a drop on my kids’ pillows when I change their bedding. No home is complete without lavender.

Lemon is energizing when diffused, it can be used in cleaning solutions, and you can even add a drop to water or tea for a flavor boost. It’s a very versatile, fresh-smelling oil.

AKA Tea Tree oil, has antiseptic properties and a very fresh scent. You can add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and lemon oil to make a great household cleanser. It is also great for clearing skin blemishes and mild eczema.

Thieves is a blend exclusive to Young Living that contains eucalyptus and clove oils, among other things. It is great to diffuse to give your home a cozy feeling and it is also great to diffuse if someone in your family has a respiratory illnesss, as it helps to open up the airways. YoungLiving has a whole line of household cleaning products made from Thieves oil.

So how can you get started? One of the best ways is with the YoungLiving Premium Starter Kit. In the kit, you receive eleven of their most popular essential oils; a diffuser; sample packets of NingXia Red; and shareable materials, including sample packets, a roller ball, and more. It’s everything you need to discover the products for yourself and get immersed in the Young Living lifestyle. If you love Young Living oils, you can sign up to be a distributor and you will receive 24% off reatil price with each purchase, among other benefits. Click here to find out more information and start on your family’s essential oil journey.

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