Number Two Turns Two


Forgive me, Lilly, this post is only 3 weeks late.

My baby is freaking TWO! What?!?! My little blonde, tiny-heiney, spitfire bunny is two.

Lilly is speaking in full sentences a year too soon. Some delightful examples:

  1. “I not poopin’. Go sit on the couch!”
  2. “Buddy, no peein’ on my toys!”
  3. “Mommy, you wide bikes in the gym?”

She also can answer questions about her behavior with complete honesty.

Me: Lilly, why did you hurt your friends at school?
Lillian: Because I naughty-bones.

She also is still very handsy in that she can’t keep her hands to herself. She is always tugging on me, wanting to be picked up, and pulling my hair/hitting me/biting me (always with a smile on her face, mind you).

Lilly also loves to be silly. She keeps Gabby entertained at every meal. She thinks it’s hilarious to wiper her gross, mac-and-cheesy hands on me at every meal. I make a point to not sit next to her in restaurants.

She is also the most empathetic child I’ve ever seen. She hates to see other kids cry. If I’m sad or mad, she will hold my face in her tiny hands and ask, “Mommy, you ok?” She likes to “cuddle me up” on the couch with her blanket and pillow.

She’s the best Lillian Rose on the planet. We love her.

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