We Still Love Bookroo (and a gift for you)!

We have been getting Bookroo boxes off and on for around 6 months now. We have only ever subscribed to the picture book boxes, since you get two quality books a month and that works out since we have two kids. Each box is addressed to Gabby & Lillian and they each get to unwrap one book.


This month’s picture book box

This month’s books were awesome!

Lillian received Cuckoo! by Fiona Robertson. This book is similar to another book, Ribbit, that we got a few months ago, but it adds variety to our library. The story follows a cuckoo bird who was hatched in the wrong nest, so he travels all over the city, trying to find someone who understands his language. Finally he meets a toddler who loves to repeat him and they become fast friends. How cute is that?!?! It’s a perfect match for my 2-year old. Cuckoo retails at $15.22 at Barnes and Noble.

Gabby got Max’s Castle by Kate Banks and Boris Kulikov. This book is about three brothers who have an alphabet adventure. Using alphabet blocks, they swap out letters to build a castle, defeat a dragon, and more. The older brothers at first think Max is babyish for playing with blocks, but once they all start playing around with the letters, they all get really into it and have a great adventure. This book taught a great lesson to my almost 4-year old and she also enjoyed seeing how swapping out the letters made different words. I can see using this book to practice sight words. Max’s Castle retails for $17.18 at Barnes and Noble.

Jane and the folks at Bookroo put together extremely thoughtful boxes every single time. We’ve never been let down. They monthly box is $17.99 per month and gets cheaper as you increase the length of your subscription. Obviously, a big savings as my books would’ve cost me almost $30 at the store.

Here’s where the pot gets even sweeter (for you AND me): If you use my personal referral code GABMCD when you subscribe, you will save $10 and I will also get a $10 off coupon. You cannot go wrong with this deal and you can cancel or suspend your box at any time. The customer service at Bookroo is unbeatable. Click here to start getting Bookroo boxes for your little ones.

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