Well, I’m 5 months late for Lilly’s 3rd birthday post and Gabby’s been 5 for a week, so…

I guess I’ve been slacking on this for a little bit 😳. 

Lillian is 3 and a half. She is so fun, smart, and hilarious when she is happy. She is brave. She flies high on the swings with no fear and recovers quickly if she gets hurt. 

When she is angry, she has a habit of screaming a shrill and piercing scream that we are working on breaking with a sticker chart. Overall, she’s a great kid – even if she sometimes acts like the spawn of Satan himself. 

Gabby just turned 5 last week. She had a party with good friends from summer camp and they had a very fun water party in the backyard. Gabby is a fearless swimmer. She will stay in the pool from the time she wakes up until bedtime if we let her. She is excited for kindergarten, but is loving her summer of day camp and being part of the Fey family during off-weeks. 

Gabby is very sassy and smart. She sounds like an adult when she talks. She has a high level of comprehension with both books and movies. We just started reading A Wrinkle in Time together for her summer reading challenge, and so far she actually really gets it. 

As sisters, the finally see each other as best friends. They are each other’s favorite companion and it is really awesome to see. They do fight and annoy each other a lot, but that’s to be expected since they love all of the same things. 

Well, that’s my way overdue update. Hopefully it won’t be half a year before my next post!

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