Every Day is the Same

“Yeah, I’m making a mess at 7am. Wanna fight about it?”

I am SO over the morning routine.

I think the morning is even worse than bedtime.

Add potty-training to the mix and the mornings are just 2.5 hours of arguing with a toddler and pulling an infant out of harm’s way… all before I even have to go to work. Most days, by the time I get to work, I am sweating, harried, and disgruntled from all of the running around, organizing and nagging I have to do.

I could probably reduce some stress by preparing the night before, but who has the energy to do that?!?!

In addition to all the arguing and resistance to do the same things they are required to do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. there is the mess-making and insanity-inducing repetitive singing of a two-year old. I actually feel like I am going crazy some mornings after hearing, “ABCDEFGHIJKABC!” over and over and over…

And Lillian’s scream is something to behold. It will stop you in your tracks. One of her teachers at daycare goes out of her way to avoid known triggers for her outbursts. I can’t avoid them. Diaper changes = screaming. Putting on a coat = screaming. Getting her in the car seat = screaming, I would almost prefer hearing Gabby incorrectly sing the alphabet at maximum volume.

Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity NOWWWWWWW!

Half-birthday Update

6 months old and sitting in a chair!

Happy half-birthday, Sweet Lilly-girly! At the 6 month mark, Lillian is army crawling, pushing up onto her knees, teething like a MONSTER, and sweet as pie.Complete strangers are constantly commenting on what a happy baby she is. She even smiles first thing in the morning when I go into her room to free her from her crib. 
Lilly’s stats:
16 lbs 6 oz (64th percentile), 27.5″ (94th percentile)
She is long and lean, and loves to be in motion. When I am holding her, she is always wiggling her way out of my arms. She is just really ready to bust some moves. 
Hold me. I’m soon going to be chasing two of them…

Sleep training (?!?!)

Don’t worry, this is a lie. It won’t last more than a couple of hours.
Lillian is in a phase of fighting sleep. It feels like extreme FOMO (fear of missing out) more than teething or anything developmental. She’s exhausted, but she arches her back and yells and turns her head while nursing… All just to stay awake. 
So tonight, I brought the laundry upstairs and put it away while I let her fuss herself to sleep. I will point out, she never cried – she fussed. It was never urgent and I went in every few minutes to make sure her blanket wasn’t over her face (her favorite “get out of bed” tactic) and she had her Binky. She was ok. Just fussing. 
And she finally went to sleep. It took less than an hour, but she did it. I’m hoping this is the worst we see for sleep training. What a miracle baby. 
Update: She seems to sleep great until around 3am and then wakes up hourly to nurse. Luckily, we started rice cereal this past weekend, so once we really start increasing her solids, maybe she will start sleeping better.

Do not be fooled by your baby

“Look into my eyes, Mommy…” I urge you strongly not to. It’s easy to think these are the eyes of a wired, ready-to-party baby. You would be wrong. This is an un-napped, overtired baby who should’ve been put down half an hour ago or more. 
Do not look into her eyes. She will lie to you with them. 

4 Months Old and Some Changes to the Blog

Lillian is now four, count them, FOUR months old! She weighed in yesterday at her 4 month check-up and was 14 lbs 9 oz and 25.5″. She is a tall, chunky, sweet little charmer. Gabby loves to read to her and hold her and “helps Mommy give Lilly a bath” by singing songs to keep her happy.

Soon Lilly will be starting solids, so I set her up in Gabby’s chair to see how she liked it. I think she felt pretty big and cool sitting in her sister’s chair.

So, back to news about the blog.. I am trying to figure out what to do with this as I rarely post or advertise the fact that I have posted. My posts have mostly just been a way to keep family updated, but now that the girls are actually doing things, I have a little more to say. I’ll be updating a lot more often, so check in frequently!

3 months update

Lillian turned 3 months old a week and a half ago and here are some facts about her:

* she sleeps on her back and is a great night sleeper and napper
* she loves sitting upright in her bumbo or on someone’s lap
* she is able to grasp a toy by herself, but she is working on controlling her hands (lots of accidental face-bonks)
* she started daycare last week and is doing excellent so far
Gabby loves her baby sister. She is calling her “Willy” and loves to give her toys or a blanket. She is still having some “twonager” struggles but we are slowly working through them and have high hopes for all the fun she will have this summer. 
Some pics of the girls…

One month old!

Lilly is one month old now! She is 9 lb 13 oz and 22 inches long. She has great neck control and makes eye contact. Gabby loves her and so do Mommy and Daddy!