It’s not baby weight when your baby is 15 months old

Last semester when Lillian started sleeping mostly through the night, I made the commitment to join an early morning circuit training program. Enough was enough. After a year of dealing with the exhaustion and apathy that comes with being a parent of two small children, I just had to do something for myself. Even if it meant getting up at 5:30 am.

It was embarrassing how out of shape I was. It made sense… I had almost serial pregancies, my abs were all stretched out and weak, and the only thing I’d lifted in two years were my kids. So it was really hard getting back, but the motivation was there. I didn’t have to dress the girls in the mornings! I left the house before their whining even started! I got to start 3 out of 7 days a week doing something positive. Yay!

And then it was 15 weeks later. Post-test time. I knew I’d improve on the strength tests: wall sit, bench press, and plank. I did improve. I was definitely stronger, I now have a waist, my running tights are a little looser in some places. BUT… I didn’t lose any weight. According to the electronic scale-thingy I didn’t even lose any body fat (which I don’t actually believe). What I did, you guys, is I built a whole bunch of muscle under my fat and actually got bigger.

So now that the weather is changing and more opportunities are arising, I am biting the bullet. “Eating healthier?” you ask. HAHAHAHAHAHA! No. I signed up for a challenge with my friend to do more cardo. Over the next 3 months, I have to row 4.8 miles, cycle 224 miles, and run 52.4 miles. Because I am a competitive jerk, I know I will complete the challenge. I also registered for a 26-mile charity bike ride and an obstacle course 5K. I may also do a paddle-bike-run in July. I’m really putting in the effort now.

Just don’t ask me to give up chips or wine. Or fries. Or easy mac and cheese and chicken nugget dinners. Because I still do have two little kids. And I’m tired.

Run. Because it's not baby weight anymore.

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