Though she be but little, she is fierce

Or however that saying goes…

Lillian is a force to be reckoned with. Full disclosure: she feels ALL of her emotions to the tenth power. This includes: happiness, relaxation, fear, fury, and OMG. 
It’s to the point where the daycare staff tells me, “Thank God we know her because otherwise she’d be hitting her head 100 times a day.” We actually had to buy a padded highchair because she was intentionally hitting her head on the hard kitchen chair when sitting in her booster seat. 
It’s just… When she’s happy she is SO happy but she is volatile. Her fuse is short and her triggers are difficult to predict. Some I have locked down. She WILL NOT sit in the tub. A reality I have accepted. I hold her with one arm and wash with the other and pass her off to hubs so she can leave the room because HOLY CRAP. She will always melt down in the high chair. She doesn’t like being put down. And on and on…
But in the end, I remember Gabby at this age. She’s always been dramatic and needy and Mommy-oriented and then I look at Lillian and think, “She is definitely mine.” Both of them are. And I’m not sad about it. 
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