Happy 9… er… 10 months, Lilly!

And now for our next installment of “Giving Your Child An Inferiority Complex!”

I completely forgot about the 9 month update and Lilly will be 10 months old in 2 days. Oh, well.
Our girl.
This child is a piece. of. work. She is quiet and sneaky and gets into EVERYTHING. Just the other day, I was brushing my teeth while she was happily playing in the playroom. I peeked my head out to check on her about every 15 seconds or so because she is not to be trusted. So, I finished brushing my teeth, went into the playroom and found her face, mouth, teeth, tongue BLUE. She had eaten a crayon in the 5 seconds since I had last looked at her. 
At her last appointment, she was 28″ and 18lb, 13 oz. She was around the 50th percentile for everything. The pediatrician was happy to see that she is pulling up, crawling, babbling, and loving solid foods. 
Since that appointment (2 weeks ago), she has been standing on her own for a few seconds at a time, pushing push toys one-handed, and climbing the entire flight of stairs without assistance. She has 3 (almost 4) teeth and has been sleeping better, happier, and tons of fun. I think this is my favorite age. 
I can finally see how I ended up pregnant with her when Gabby was her age (although it will NOT be happening again, I promise). 10 month olds are lots of fun. Especially ours!
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