Poop in the washing machine – Our Cloth Diaper Journey

Because I am so brutally honest and willing to disclose all of my experiences – good and bad – many of my friends who are about to become parents for the first time as me about two things: baby registries and cloth diapers. 

I still to this day couldn’t create a baby registry for my life. All you need for a new baby is diapers, formula or boobs, clothes, and a place for it to sleep. Everything else you will buy out of desperation and necessity. All baby gear is subject to baby’s approval, so why spend $150 on a swing the baby hates? But I digress…
What I DO know is what a cost-savings MIRACLE for our family cloth diapers have been. Cloth has come a long way since the cloth diapers of my childhood and they are so much easier to use. 
Pros of using cloth:
1. It’s a one-time expense. You can stock up and never have to buy another diaper. 
2. I buy all-in-ones, all-in-twos, and pocket diapers. Each style has their own merits, but these are some of the more foolproof styles. 
3. It prepares you for potty-training very well. I don’t get mad when Gabby pees her pants because I’ve been touching her pee for two and a half years. Worried about poop in the washer? You think your toddler isn’t gonna “poop in the unnawears?” Think again!
4. They are so much better at containing newborn poop. I was super picky with both kids and had Pampers Swaddlers on hand for nighttime and travel. I never had more crazy diaper blowouts than with those expensive diapers. With cloth, I rarely see poop outside the diaper because the diapers are so fuzzy inside. It holds everything in. 
1. It’s a bigger investment at the start, but you can easily start with a small stash and grow it as needed. You don’t need newborn diapers for very long and then I like to buy one size diapers so they last until potty training. 
2. You are going to have to touch poop. It’s inevitable. But as I mentioned before, using disposable diapers is not going to keep your hands clean. Diaper blowouts are going to happen and you will get poop on your hands. 
3. I honestly can’t think of more cons. 
Considering cloth? Want some tips? Want some free diapers to start your stash? Comment below and I will answer any and all questions! 
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