It’s another subscription box… and an amazing value for your family!!! #Bookroo

Subscription boxes are totally the latest trend going around so when I was contacted by Bookroo to work together I was kind of like, “Kids books are not that expensive, how convenient could this be?”

Um… Insert foot in mouth. For $19.99 (no shipping) a month, you get either two regular children’s books or three board books. I was super excited to see what we got but was still wondering what the cost savings would be like since Bookroo says their goal is to help families build their child’s library on a budget.

To our happy surprise, our box arrived on Gabby’s birthday, so… BONUS PRESENTS! The books arrived gift wrapped and bundled in a beautiful presentation. Look!

Gabby was so excited to open them up and the books we got were fantastic. We received “The Bear Who Shared” by Catherine Rayner and “Dream Away” by Julia Durango, Katie Belle Trupiano, and Robert Goldstrom.

Without giving away the stories, I felt that Bookroo really put thought into their choices. The books teach great lessons – sharing and imagination. The books were appropriate for both girls, even though they are 19 months apart. One of the books we received was $16.99 retail and I found the other on for $8.96, so we actually did save a few bucks PLUS whatever we would’ve had to pay in shipping.

I am so excited that Bookroo has also offered my readers a discount ($4 off)! Just click here and sign up. I promise you won’t regret it!

10 thoughts on “It’s another subscription box… and an amazing value for your family!!! #Bookroo

  1. Bethany says:

    Such a great idea! I love getting stuff in the mail, although I will say I’ve made it my mission to support our little hole-in-the-wall bookstore because I want it to stick around.

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